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Why is this filter named capsule? Nothing else seems to fit. Take a look at the Tall Image sample below and you may agree. There are many possibilities as the samples demonstrate. Controls are similar to those in Ellipse and the Round Buttons except that Outline has been replaced by something called Smoothness.

Tall Image
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Wide Image
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Smoothness Control

Smoothness is a completely new control and may need some explanation to understand what it does. The effect it has depends on the image dimensions and the light angle.

For images with greater width than height, it comes into play when the light angle is almost directly from the right or left, while for images with greater height than width, it comes into play when the light angle is almost directly from the top or bottom.

In these cases the border along the larger image dimension tends to wash out completely. For example, in an image 100 pixels wide by 50 pixels high with light coming from due left, the left edge would be strongly illuminated and the right edge would be strongly darkened but the middle pixels along the top and bottom would not be enhanced at all, and the border would seem to vanish in those areas.

Capsule automatically compensates for this by applying a certain minimum fixed bias to the pixels in those areas. The smoothness control helps to blend the fixed bias areas with the variable border areas that are strongly illuminated or darkened.

See also Anti-Aliasing for more information, particularly when working with dark backgrounds.


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