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  • Colors are wrong
  • Download file problems:
  • too small
  • not executable
  • not a valid Win32 app
  • not a 32 bit file
  • Download alternatives
  • .ZIP files
  • Error -30101
  • Free stuff
  • Greyed out on the menu
  • Macintosh support
  • Missing one or more filters
  • More filters
  • Not on the filters menu
  • Nothing happens
  • Old versions
  • Other graphics programs
  • Paint Shop Pro crashes
  • PhotoSwizzle compatibility
  • Registration and license guide
  • Temporary license expired
  • Uninstalling, how to

  • Q: The file I downloaded is too small, one or more filters are missing, or I got a message like this when I downloaded:

    • not a valid Win32 application
    • not executable
    • not a 32 bit file

    A: The file you downloaded is corrupted. This can happen repeatedly and often does. The usual symptom is that the file has been cut short. How short is too short? See the Filters Download Table for the sizes of all versions of download files in bytes. For Windows DLLs, see the Windows DLL download table. If your file is smaller, it's corrupted. Use the Explorer file manager to locate the file, then right click the mouse on the file name. Select Properties and you will see the file size under the General tab. The number in parentheses is the size in bytes.

    Usually downloading again takes care of the problem. But sometimes the file is corrupted no matter how many times you download it. It has been reported that download helper programs sometimes cause the problem themselves. If you have GetRight, GoZilla or a similar download helper program running, turn it off and try downloading again.

    If that doesn't work or if you don't have any such program running, an alternative download method, FTP, is available for all of the files. FTP is more reliable than HTTP so try the FTP alternative by clicking on the file name in the above table.

    Q: The filters don't show up on the filters menu. What's wrong?

    A: Several things can go wrong. Here are the known causes:

    1. The files aren't in the plugins directory. Copy the filter files to the plugins directory. For Photoshop typically the directory is named PLUGINS and is under the main Photoshop directory (e.g. C:\PHOTOSHP\PLUGINS). See the Installation Instructions for more information about other graphics programs.

    2. The plugins directory pointer is wrong. In Photoshop select File - Preferences - Plug-ins from the menu bar. You will get a dialog box which allows you to choose the plugins directory. Note that if you change the setting, it will not take effect until you exit and restart Photoshop. See the Installation Instructions for more information about other graphics programs.

    3. Photoshop was running when you copied the filter files to the plugins directory. You have to exit from Photoshop and restart it for the filters to be seen.

    4. The version of Photoshop or other graphics program you are running doesn't support 32 bit filters. Here's a list of which programs and versions are known to work or not work:

      Program Works Doesn't work / unknown
      Paint Shop Pro (JASC) 4.11 or greater 3.0
      PhotoImpact (Ulead) 6 5 or earlier unknown
      Photo Paint (Corel) 7.0 or greater 5.0 (6.0 unknown)
      Photoshop (Adobe) 3.0.4 or greater 2.5, 2.5LE
      Picture Publisher (Micrografx) 8.0 and 9.0 7.0 or earlier unknown

    5. MSVCRT10.DLL is missing from your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory This applies only to BorderMania 1.0 running with PaintShop Pro or Corel PhotoPaint. See below for more information.

    6. Sometimes an upgrade of Photoshop or Windows results in difficulties with the Photoshop intialization and preferences files. This can be fixed by deleting the files and restarting Photoshop which will then create new initialization and preferences files.

      For version 3 the files are in the Windows or Win95 or WinNT directory and the names are:

      • Photos30.ini
      • Photos30.psp

      For version 4 the files are in a directory named Prefs under the Photoshop main directory. For the 4.0.1 demo version the names are:

      • Photos40.ini
      • Adobe Photoshop 4.0 Demo Prefs.psp

      For version 5 the files are in a directory named Adobe Photoshop Settings under the Photoshop main directory. For the 5.0.2 version the names are:

      • photos50.ini
      • Color Settings.psp
      • Adobe Photoshop 5 Prefs.psp
      • Actions Pallette.psp

    7. Problems with some Windows 95 and Windows 98 installations still occur sometimes even though everything above is correct. The cause is under investigation but not much progress has been made because the filters run properly on all of the NVR test systems with all of the officially supported graphics programs.

    Q: The BorderMania or PhotoSwizzle name shows up on the filters menu but is greyed out. What's wrong?

    A: For all versions of BorderMania other than BorderMania Pro, the filters only work in RGB mode. BorderMania Pro and PhotoSwizzle also support Grayscale, CMYK, Lab and Multichannel modes. If your image is in any other unsupported mode the filters will be greyed out on the menu. You can still use them by changing to a supported mode, applying the filters, then changing back to the mode you were using originally.


    Q: My credit card number changed or I don't remember which one I used to buy my license. What can I do?
    Q: The registration information entered is not valid. Please try again.
    Q: License number not recognizable. Please try again.
    Q: Name not recognizable. Please try again.
    Q: Credit card number not recognizable. Please try again.
    Q: License check failed. Please try again.

    A: In short, for all registration problems download and install BorderMania 5.0 and PhotoSwizzle 3.0. With the new versions it isn't necessary to run the Registration plugin to enable them.

    Q: Do these filters work with other graphics programs besides Adobe Photoshop such as Paint Shop Pro and Photo Paint?

    A: Yes. They have been tested successfully under Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 2000, XP and Vista with various combinations of

    • Paint Shop Pro 4, 5 and 6 (JASC)
    • Photo-Paint 7 and 8 (Corel)
    • Photoimpact 6 (Ulead)
    • Photoshop 3, 4 and 5 (Adobe)
    • Picture Publisher 8 and 9 (Micrografx)

    Other graphics programs are not officially supported. In general if the plugins work with other programs, great! If not, they never will.

    The following information is only for BorderMania 1.0. If you downloaded BorderMania from the NVR filters page see the installation instructions instead.

    For BorderMania 1.0 it was common that the filters wouldn't run after installation. The most common problem was that MSVCRT10.DLL was missing from the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. You can download MSVCRT10.DLL (107K bytes) here or from several other web sites. See the installation instructions, for more details or try one of the following URLs:

    Q: I get weird colors or a reversal of the bottom right corner of the image using Photo-Paint 8. What's wrong?

    This was a bug which occurred when the version 2.0 filters were used with Photo-Paint 8. The bug is fixed in BorderMania 3.0 and above.

    Q: Paint Shop Pro crashes when I try to use any of the round button or ellipse filters. What's wrong?

    This was a bug which sometimes occurred when BorderMania version 2.0 or 3.0 filters were used with Paint Shop Pro. The bug is fixed in BorderMania 3.1 and above.

    Q: What does error -30101 mean?

    A: This error happens with Paint Shop Pro if a BorderMania Pro or PhotoSwizzle license was previously registered on your computer but then the registration information was lost or corrupted. This can happen after a Windows upgrade or service pack installation, or for who knows how many other problems that might occur with the Windows registry. To fix the problem download and install BorderMania 5.0 and PhotoSwizzle 3.0. No license check is done in the new versions so the error won't happen anymore.

    Q: Some of the filters do nothing. What's wrong?
    Q: Notch corners does nothing. What's wrong?

    A: Generally this is caused by one of the following:

    • You have a different layer selected than the one you intended to select.
    • Some of the filters modify the alpha channel, such as Notch Corners. This means that they must be applied to a layer, usually with transparent background, to have an effect. Make sure that you're working on an image layer, not a flattened image.
    • The filter is trying to modify the color of your image but the area being modified is transparent so there is no change.
    • Your graphics program doesn't support layers and transparency. Graphics programs that support transparency include Photoshop 3.0 and above, Paint Shop Pro 5.0 and above, and PhotoPaint 8 and above.
    • Notch corners is intended to work on a layer with transparent background. The image must then be exported in GIF89A format to take advantage of the transparency.

    Q: Will there be more filters?

    A: Unlikely. The products have reached the end of their development life, pretty much as their creator has upon reaching the fatigue of old age.

    Q: Are older versions of BorderMania still available?
          (also FTP method and .ZIP file download alternatives)

    A: Yes and no. BorderMania versions 1.0 and 2.0 are still available but are not supported. All other versions below 5.0 are no longer available or supported. All PhotoSwizzle versions below 3.0 are also no longer available or supported.

    For the versions still available, you can download them here by either HTTP or FTP from the table below. Click on the file name in the HTTP column for the version you want. Try FTP if you have trouble downloading by HTTP.

    Two file types are available, .ZIP and .EXE. The .ZIP versions are standard compressed zip archives. The .EXE versions have the same contents as the .ZIP versions except that they are also self-extracting. The .EXE versions are more convenient, but if you feel uncomfortable about running self-extractors because of worries about virus infection choose the .ZIP version instead. Note that the filters must be extracted manually from the .ZIP version.

    If you choose a .ZIP version, be aware that the newer Web browsers have a bad habit of changing the file extension from .ZIP to .EXE when saving the downloaded file to your disk, and you may have trouble extracting the files from the archive. If this happens, either download again and change the file extension from .EXE to .ZIP when the browser asks you what to name the downloaded file, or change the extension with File Explorer after it is downloaded.

    BorderMania Pro 5.0 (English)
    + PhotoSwizzle 3.0
    nvrbp50.exe nvrbp50.exe 695,296
    nvrbp50.zip nvrbp50.zip 666,712
    Bordure Mania Pro 5.0 (Franšais)
    + PhotoSwizzle 3.0
    nvrbp50f.exe nvrbp50f.exe 696,832
    nvrbp50f.zip nvrbp50f.zip 668,538
    BorderMania 2.0 nvrbm20.exe nvrbm20.exe 115,730
    nvrbm20.zip nvrbm20.zip 102,672
    BorderMania 1.0 nvrbm10.exe nvrbm10.exe 289,575
    nvrbm10.zip nvrbm10.zip 276,516

    If you download one of the old versions, please use the form below to let us know why. Include which operating system and graphics program you are using and a short description of any error messages you may have encountered trying to get the filters running.

    Why did you download this version?
    If other, why?:
    Which operating system are you using?
    If other, which one?
    Which graphics program are you using?
    If other, which one?

    Include your email address here:

    Please add anything else you think might be important here, such
    as a Windows error message you get:

    Submit form:

    Q: Do you have Macintosh support?

    A: No.

    Q: Which Programs does PhotoSwizzle Work With?

    A: All of the PhotoSwizzle filters except Drop Shadow work with the officially supported graphics editors. Drop Shadow works with some but not all of them as shown in the following table. I know this list is very old, but so am I and that's about all there is to say about it.

    Paint Shop Pro, all versions (JASC) Yes
    PhotoImpact 6, 7 (Ulead) Yes*
    PhotoPaint 7 (Corel) Yes
    PhotoPaint 8 (Corel) No
    Photoshop 3 (Adobe) No
    Photoshop 4 or higher (Adobe) Yes
    Picture Publisher 8, 9, 10 (Micrografx) Yes
    *For PhotoImpact the proxy sample doesn't show the effect but the advanced preview sample does. The effect is applied correctly to the original image when the filter dialog is closed. This bug is under investigation.

    Q: Where's the free stuff?

    A: With BorderMania 5.0 and PhotoSwizzle 3.0 it's all free.

    Q: I downloaded and installed the free version, so why do I still get a popup telling me that my temporary license has expired?

    A: There is still an old version of the plugins lingering somewhere on your computer. When two or more versions are installed in different folders it's unpredictable which one the graphics editor will choose. Use the Windows Search tool to find any files anywhere on your disk with the pattern nvr*8bf. That will locate any old versions in plugin folders that you don't know about. For example one of the file names is nvrph1.8bf. Some distribution CDs that come with magazines install old versions in folders that you wouldn't suspect at all. Delete all files that the Windows Search finds then install the new free version again.


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