As of May 23, 2013 more than 1,194,000 copies of BorderMania and PhotoSwizzle have been downloaded from the plugfilters.com web sites. In addition, BorderMania has been distributed on CD-ROMs included with the following publications:

Paint Shop Pro Web Techniques, HanCom Press Co. (Korea), Oct 1997
WinGraphic Magazine, MdN (Japan), Nov 1997 and Nov 1998 through Aug 1999
Digital Photo FX, EMAP Apex Publications (UK), Dec 1997 / Jan 1998
Informator Utbildning AB, Datalink Nordic AB (Sweden), Nov 1998 and Feb 1999
PC Praxis Buch Kreativ mit Paint Shop Pro 5, Data Becker Corp. (Germany), circa Nov 1998
1 Week Master Paint Shop Pro 5, Obscure Inc. (Japan), circa May 1999
Easy Digital Photography, Abacus Software (USA), Jun 1999
Windows 100%, Shinyusha (Japan), circa Oct 1999
Image Explorer Pro, CDH Productions (USA), circa Oct 1999
TECH Win, ASCII Corporation (Japan), Oct 1999 and Dec 1999
How to use Photoshop Filters, Kohgaku-sha Publishing Co. Ltd. (Japan), Dec 1999
Filtros psrs Photoshop y ostros programas gráficos, Anaya Multimedia (Spain), circa Oct 2000
PC Welt, IDG Magazine Verlag GmbH (Germany), Nov 2000
PC Planet, Egmont Magasiner (Denmark), circa Mar 2001
Computer Arts, Future Publishing (France and UK), May 2001 and Nov 2001
Digit magazine, International Data Group (UK), Circa Jun 2001
CHIP, Vogel Burda Communications GmbH (Germany), circa Feb 2002
Photoshop 7, Franzis' Verlag GmbH (Germany), Apr 2002
Photoshop 7 Professional Series, Franzis' Verlag GmbH (Germany), Aug 2002
Web Designing, (Japan), circa Jun 2003
Digitális Fotó Magazin, (Hungary), circa Jul 2003
Web Designing, Mainichi Communications (Japan), circa Jul 2003
c't magazine, Heise Zeitschriften Verlag (Germany), circa Aug 2003
Ekspert Magazine, (Poland), circa Mar 2004
Photoshop CS, Franzis' Verlag GmbH (Germany), Apr 2004
Web Designer, Highbury Entertainment Limited (UK), circa Oct 2004
PC Praxis, (Germany), circa Jan 2005
Digitális Fotó Magazin yearbook, (Hungary), circa Jan 2005
CHIP, Vogel Burda Communications GmbH (Germany), circa Apr 2005

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