History File

The history file is a feature of BorderMania Pro and PhotoSwizzle. The last settings and the control settings history list are maintained in a file on your disk drive. The file name is NVRBM.INI (BorderMania) or NVRPH.INI (PhotoSwizzle) and is placed on the Windows directory. This will vary from one installation to another but typically your Windows directory is something like C:\WINDOWS, C:\WIN95 or C:\WINNT.

The contents of the file are automatically generated and altered by the filters when they are used. The file can be viewed and edited with any standard editor or viewer such as Wordpad, but this is definitely not recommended and is strongly discouraged. If anything is unrecognizable for a list item the filters will remove the item from the file. So if you edit an item and it no longer meets the control settings format or limits, the item is deleted from the file the next time that you use the filter. This doesn't crash the filter or your graphics program. It's a safety clean up mechanism in case something gets corrupted.

If there isn't enough disk space to create the file the program will not crash but no history list will be saved. If the file already exists but there isn't enough disk space to add more items, the original file remains untouched and any new settings are lost.

If you reach a disk space shortage while running a graphics editor, you already have a bigger problem that needs to be solved by disk cleanup or installation of a larger disk drive. Most likely the graphics editor will crash before you have a chance to run any of the filters.


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