Save Control Settings

Using the Control Settings history list

BorderMania Pro and PhotoSwizzle remember the last control settings for each filter any time you click the OK button in the plugin main window. They are also capable of remembering any number of other settings combinations in a list that you can assign names to. This list is called the control settings history list. When an item in the list is selected, the control settings change to the values saved in the list and the settings are applied to the proxy image.

The list is accessed by the drop down list box near the bottom of the plugin main window. The rules for using the list, adding items and removing items are simple. The idea was that it should work the way you would expect a Windows application to work. If you are familiar with the normal keyboard shortcuts for mouse actions, you can use them as you like wherever the mouse actions are described below.

Add an item to the list

  1. Adjust the control settings in the plugin main window to get the desired effect for your image.
  2. Left click the mouse once in the control settings edit box.
  3. If there is already a name in the edit box, type over all or part of it to create a new list item. This does not remove the previous one showing in the edit box. You can also select the entire name and delete it, but another dialog box pops up and asks you to confirm that you want to delete it from the list. Click the No button to keep the previous item in the list.
  4. If the edit box is empty, type the new name you want for the current control settings.
  5. Click the OK button and apply the filter to the image. The new setting is saved in the list. If you click the CANCEL button the new name is not saved.

Remove an item from the list

  1. Select the item you wish to remove (see below for selecting items). The name must be showing in the control settings edit box.
  2. Select the entire name in the list box and delete it.
  3. A new dialog box pops up asking you to confirm that want to delete it. Click the Yes button.
  4. The item disappears from the list but is not permanently deleted unless you click OK to close the filter dialog box. If you click CANCEL no action will be taken and the item will show up again the next time you select the filter.

Select an item in the list

  • The list works just like any other standard Windows drop down list box. Left click the mouse on the arrow at the right side of the edit box and part or all of the list is displayed. Right click again and the list collapses back to just the edit box.
  • When the list is displayed, left click the mouse on any item to select it. You can use the mouse to scroll through the list and change the selection. Alternately you can use the keyboard up and down arrows to move through the list one item at a time or the Page Up and Page Down keys to move through the list several items at a time.
  • When the list is collapsed, if the Windows focus is on the edit box you can move move through the list with the arrow or Page Up and Page Down keys.

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