Advanced Preview

The advanced preview window is a feature of BorderMania Pro and PhotoSwizzle that allows you to select the size of the preview image while working with the plugin.

The preview displayed in the plugin main window is called a proxy image. When you select a different size from the preview control the proxy image disappears and a new window pops up with a larger scale preview image. The plugin main window is always kept on top of the preview window to make sure that you can see and use all of the controls.

If the original image is larger than the screen, the largest possible preview image is presented that fits completely on the screen. So for example, if your screen size is 1024 x 768 and your image size is 1200 x 800, the largest scale of the image that will fit on the screen is 1:2 (600 x 400). So the first choice in the preview control is 1:2 and the other choices are all smaller scales, 1:3, 1:4, etc. down to the size that fits in the proxy image.

If the preview control give you only one selection, 1:1, it means that the original image fits entirely within the available proxy image area at full scale. In that case the preview is always displayed in the proxy image and the plugin won't open a separate preview window.

There are three ways to close the preview window. All of them display the proxy image after the preview window is closed.

  1. Select the smallest scale with the preview control (bottom of the list)
    - OR -
  2. Click the close button (X) in the upper right corner of the preview window
    - OR -
  3. Make sure the preview window selected, use the mouse to select it if is isn't already selected. Then simultaneously press the ALT and F4 keys on your keyboard.

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